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Golden Trade International Holding believes that we can’t do today’s job with yesterday methods and expect to remain successful tomorrow in the highly competitive market. We enhance, improve and promote the business of all our partners and with the systematic and integrated collaboration of all stakeholders; we will provide and deliver value, sustainable and innovative competitive advantages and business safety and security for our big professional family all around the world


Promote, facilitate, advertise and continuous improvements in communications and Branding for third millennium business management systems with Strategic and Technological alliances of producers, Buyers, Sellers and for reliable partnership all around the world



Intelligent advertisements, collecting, classifying, facilitating and providing reliable branding domestic and overseas 

with the use of electronic commerce


Increase reliability and confidence in business and smart strengthening the control levers to optimize and increase 

stakeholders in beneficiary countries


Foundation of Superior E-Commerce brand for Golden-Trade International Holding as a reliable partner for guaranteeing the success of Golden-Trade honoring Family